Diversity & Inclusion Training

Since 2020, the workplace has changed greatly. Challenges of a global pandemic and civil protests brought DEI to the forefront, but for those who fall into protected classes, these issues have been discussed for some time. Is your organization ready to tackle their Diversity, Equity & Inclusion issues? Visionary League serves to help companies with their DEI needs, especially companies in the technology sector.

We offer the following DEI Trainings:

Common ground training is based on finding similar priorities, values, and goals to help align colleagues and get everyone on the same path forward.

Facilitated conversation training creates an open space for less vocal employees to be heard, issues to be brought up, concerns voiced and feedback given.

Cultural sensitivity training helps members of a dominant group at your organization to understand how to be better and empathize with colleagues of under-represented cultures, backgrounds or identities.

Unconscious bias training aims to uncover and identify the subconscious ways in which we engage in biased or oppressive behaviors and practices.

Professional Development

Great leadership development is necessary as organizations take on the personality of their leaders. Leadership development will maximize productivity, innovation and cultivate a positive culture. The Visionary League’s objective is to help you achieve strategic success. Great leaders are visionaries, positive thinkers and excellent communicators. Our professional development experts will engage Corporate leaders, Associations and Non-Profit Organizations with educational programs that Empower and lead to a high performing workforce.

Some of our signature programs include the following:

Career Coaching & Leadership development consulting services

Soft Skills Training – This training consists of developing skills like teamwork, critical thinking, and emotional intelligence.

Effective Communication – This instructor led interactive course provides each participant with the tools to community with credibility at all levels of the organization.

Conflict Resolution for Professionals – Participants take from this course, how to deal with aggressive behavior, negative attitude, excessive sarcasm, hidden agendas, and other sources of workplace conflict in a positive, healthy, productive manner.

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