2022-2023 Visionary League Partnership

& Sponsorship Application


Visionary League reserves the right to determine whether a company meets the standards for sponsorship and partnership determined by Visionary League and its Board of Directors/Executive Team.  All sponsorship and partnership recognition is solely the responsibility of the Visionary League and its member task forces and committees. No additional signage or display by the sponsoring company is permitted unless approved by Visionary League in advance. Promotion of the sponsor’s products, services, or facilities at sponsored events is allowed.


Visionary League is sensitive to competition between companies when assigning sponsored events. Every attempt will be made to prevent competing companies from sponsoring and speaking at the same event/timeframe.


We hereby apply to become a 2022 – 2023 Visionary League Sponsor or partner. We agree to abide by the rules and regulations printed on this application, which are made part of this agreement.


For further information on Visionary League Sponsorship, contact: Jasmine Reynolds/Senior Event Strategist, west.jasmine30@gmail.com or Nicole Taylor, Executive Visionary, nicoletaylor@visionaryleague.org 


2022-2023 Partnership and Sponsorship Application

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